Meet the Team

As a unique combination of experienced B2B sales leaders, researchers and industry experts, our team has the breadth and depth to provide the relevant expertise that you can use to ensure projects and initiatives get delivered quickly and on point. We leverage our collective experience and network to deliver the best possible product, with a focus on delivering actionable results based on real-world learnings.

Shane Lawrence, Managing Partner

A seasoned financial service executive with experience helping both large and small businesses, Shane brings real-world experience and insights into the development and implementation of successful business engagement strategies.


With a proven track record of sales results and entrepreneurial thinking, Shane has spoken widely on topics such as engaging small business, building better customer experiences and effective segmentation and is an expert on Small Business research and insights.

Dr Mark W Lee, Sr Advisor

Dr. Lee brings a wealth of experience to adult learning and curriculum design. With a Ph.D. in education from Queens University, Dr. Lee has travelled widely and lectured on education and designing educational systems for maximum learning utility. Dr. Lee oversees all of the facets of our B2B adult learning curriculum design

Maria Aristizabal, Sr Program Manager

A bilingual marketing expert with a history of helping small business owners, Maria brings a wealth of experience and insight into the challenges facing SMBs. Maria brings a wealth of experience to the team and specializes in running marketing automation campaigns to drive sales growth and engagement.

Elizabeth Williams, Sr Advisor

Through her consulting practice, blog, media interviews and speaking opportunities, She has had the privilege of sharing the lessons learned from dozens of successful projects for some of Canada’s leading brands. She works with marketing and HR executives, and other leaders to help their teams create dynamic conversations that drive business results.

Guy Pierce, Sr Advisor

An expert in Big Data and digital transformation, Guy brings 10+ years in corporate digital innovation instances resulting in 10 digital products, mostly in tech. 12+ years of process digitization and automation experience.


With a proven track record in business strategy and operation, Guy has 20+ years strategy experience, including serving as CEO of a 700-strong retail credit business: Customer and asset growth >500%; 2 acquisitions and a divestiture; launched 3 new products; opened 50 physical branches; 4x revenue per employee in 2 years; reduced staff turnover from 22% to 7%.

John Inglis, Sr. Consultant

With extensive experience in the FinTech space, John bring a track record of Small Business Product Management, Commercial Mortgage Lending & Merchant Services Specialties: Retail Banking, Product Management, Sales, Credit / Risk Management, Relationship Management


He has also owned, operated and successfully sold a start-up franchise in Canada so understand both sides of the B2B sales dynamic

Gerry O'Toole, Sr Advisor

A seasoned leader with broad skills developed across a variety of B2B sales leadership roles and businesses. A demonstrated ability to understand, develop and execute on strategy. Strong organizational awareness, strategic insights, and relationship skills have enabled a consistent track record of exceeding business objectives.

Martin Byrne, Sr Advisor

More than 25 years of experience leading digital business innovation, development, operations and marketing. Martin has a deep background in the digital B2B marketing space, including 5 years as CTIO for Canada’s largest privately held communications firm. He also launched iProspect into Canada, launched Yahoo’s Search Marketing business into Canada. He also brings expertise in the growing field of digital learning and employee training

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