Beyond Demographics: How to Use Behavioral Insights to Create More Effective B2B Buyer Personas

Creating effective buyer personas is a crucial step in any business strategy. It allows you to understand your target market better and tailor your messaging, products, and services to their specific needs and preferences. This post will explore the benefits of using the right business buyer personas and how they can help you achieve your business goals. We’ll also share some best practices for effectively gathering behavioural insights to drive more effective buyer personas.

First and foremost, buyer personas help businesses to better understand their target market. By creating detailed profiles of your ideal buyers, you can gain insight into their demographics, behaviours, pain points, and motivations. This information can then be used to create more effective marketing campaigns and develop products and services that will appeal to your target market.

Another major benefit of buyer personas is that they can help businesses to improve their buyer acquisition and retention rates. By understanding the needs and preferences of your target market, you can create messaging and campaigns that will resonate with them, and convert more leads into paying buyers. Additionally, you can increase buyer loyalty and reduce churn by tailoring your products and services to your buyer personas.

Buyer personas can also help businesses identify new growth and expansion opportunities. By understanding the needs and preferences of your target market, you can identify untapped segments or areas of the market that you can target or new products and services that you can develop to meet their needs.

Another benefit of buyer personas is that they can help businesses to improve their communication and messaging. By understanding the language, tone, and messaging that resonates with your target market, you can create more effective and engaging content that will help you to build a stronger connection with your buyers.

Finally, buyer personas can help businesses improve buyer service and support. By understanding the needs and preferences of your target market, you can develop more effective buyer service strategies and train your team to better meet your buyers’ needs.

Why don’t B2B companies use buyer personas effectively? 

There are several reasons why B2B companies may not effectively use buyer personas. Some of the common reasons include the following:

Lack of understanding: Many B2B companies may need help understanding the concept of buyer personas or how they can be used to improve their business strategy. With a clear understanding of the benefits and the process of creating buyer personas, companies may see the value in investing time and resources into this process.

Limited resources: Some B2B companies may need more resources or expertise to create accurate and detailed buyer personas. This can include a lack of research and data analysis capabilities or a staff shortage to take on this task.

Difficulty in identifying the target market: B2B companies may have a wide range of buyers and target segments, making it difficult to identify specific buyer personas. Additionally, B2B buyers may be more complex and have different buying behaviors, making it challenging to create accurate personas.

Prioritizing other initiatives: B2B companies may have other initiatives that they prioritize, such as product development, sales, or marketing campaigns. As a result, creating buyer personas may be seen as something other than a high-priority task.

Lack of maintenance: Even if a B2B company has created buyer personas, they may quickly become outdated and useless if they don’t maintain and update them regularly.

To overcome these issues and effectively use buyer personas, B2B companies can invest in market research, hire a dedicated team or outsource the task, focus on specific segments, make it a priority, and schedule regular reviews to keep them up-to-date. By understanding the importance and benefits of buyer personas and taking the necessary steps to create and maintain accurate personas, B2B companies can improve their business strategy and achieve their goals

Improve buyer personas

What can you expect from using a robust buyer persona?

  • As per the ITSMA study, companies using personas have acquired more leads (24%), with higher quality (56%), and reduced sales cycles (36%).
  • High-performing companies are also 2.4x times more likely to use buyer personas for demand generation.
  • As per a MarketingSherpa case study, using buyer personas dramatically impacted marketing success – a 100% increase in web page visits, a 900% increase in length of visits, and a 171% increase in marketing-generated revenue.
  • Persona-based content increased buyer engagement by 6x times when cold leads were targeted.
  • According to B2B CWS Report, 58% of content marketers consider ‘audience relevance’ as the most important factor in determining the effectiveness of content marketing campaigns.

5 Steps To Building Buyer Personas that Work:

Building a business buyer personas that work is essential in understanding your target market and tailoring your products, services, and messaging to their specific needs and preferences. The process of creating a business buyer persona involves several steps:

  1. Independent Research: The first step in building a business buyer persona is to gather data on your target market. This can include researching your existing buyers, conducting surveys, and analyzing data from your website, social media, and other sources. You should also research your competition and analyze what is working for them and what isn’t.
  2. Identify key characteristics: Once you have gathered data, you can identify your target market’s key characteristics. This includes demographic information such as age, gender, job title, and income, as well as behavioral and psychographic information such as values, goals, and pain points.
  3. Create detailed profiles: Using the information gathered in steps 1 and 2, you can create detailed profiles of your ideal business buyer personas. These profiles should include detailed information such as demographics, job responsibilities, pain points, and decision-making processes.
  4. Validate and refine your personas: Once you have created them, it is essential to validate and refine them. This can be done by conducting interviews with existing buyers or by testing your personas with your sales and marketing teams. This will help to ensure that your personas are accurate and actionable.
  5. Use the personas: Once you have created your business buyer personas, it is important to use them in your sales, marketing and buyer support efforts. This can include tailoring your messaging and campaigns to specific personas and creating products and services that meet the specific needs of your target market. Additionally, reviewing and updating your personas regularly is important, as your target market and business can change over time.


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